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Hairdressing course

Under the supervision of a trained trainer with more than 10 years of experience in this field.
It includes practical training in hair dressing, styling, hair cutting, dyes and mesh, lystra and protein.

Everyone is looking for change and the emergence of a new look, especially since happy occasions and weddings knock the doors, some of them
Joy receives with haircuts and hairstyles that may be more daring than others, and some persist in a certain hairstyle and find it
Best. So there are some ways to permanently or temporarily change the appearance of hair, and it can be curled or voluminous to suit fashion
The current era, and we may change the hair colors to suit our complexion.


Based on the graduation of many students from the Academy in the previous batches and obtaining a job opportunity after graduating from the course, the training course qualifies the graduates directly to practice the profession upon graduation from the Academy, and they obtain a certificate that gives them the ability to practice the profession and open their own business.


Payment methods are available to us:

Cash – payment service – certified check – bank transfer


The advantages granted to you by the Academy:

As a compliment to our valued students, Next Academy gives you a 10% reduction for the lowest price course, if you subscribe.

It is also given the opportunity to obtain a free training course for the first rank in the group, provided that it succeeds with an excellent grade of 85% or more, even if only once.

Next company also gives you another sibling discount of 10% for everyone in the event of registering a shaving brother

In the event that the male / female student enrolls in four training courses, the company’s management gives the student a free training course out of 60 academic courses.

The number designated for registration for each group is from 6 to 10 students only, so that the benefit is comprehensive for all students enrolled in the training course

We also inform you that Next Academy is a Libyan limited company, approved by the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation, with permission to practice No. 343 for the year 2019 AD


Course methodology:

The methodology of the training course is based on 20% of theoretical training and 80% of practical training, bearing in mind that we have a training laboratory equipped with all the needs for training


Targeted to participate in the training course:

The course targets the general public and everyone who wants to participate and benefit from the training course and obtain a profession that enables him to work in it and increase his income. Fame, and the target ages for registration in the course from the age of 12 and above


The main themes of the training course:

1- Learn how to divide hair.
2- Knowing how to blow dry hair.
3- Learn how to blow dry the buckle method (foal)
4- Learn about the correct way to work Street hair.
5- Learn how to use circular and square kilns.
6- Learn how to cut the listed hair.
7- Learn how to apply dye to hair.
8- Learn how to combine the dye colors.
9 – Learn how to blacken hair (mesh)
10- Learn how to use Lystra.
11 – Learn how to apply protein to hair the correct way and how to master it.
12 – Learn how to do basic hairstyles for hair of all kinds.
14 – Learn how to wash hair the right way.

Noting that there is a laboratory inside the company equipped with the necessary equipment for training, and separated from the rest of the training rooms
– Practical training on natural hair, and hair strands for: hairdos, dyes and mesh
And consultancy.
– Practical training on a real model for protein.
With regard to storytelling, the trainee will learn the basics of storytelling and can bring someone to train in order to become proficient


How to register :

Those wishing to register must come to the company’s headquarters and confirm their reservation by paying the training course fees in full and before we take the sufficient number (places are limited), or you can initially register by sending a text message to our numbers or sending it via Viber or WhatsApp

Provided that the message contains: the full name – the phone number – the name of the course in which you wish to register on the following numbers:

Contact: 0921779318 – 0910933768 – 0928939481

Viber and Whatsapp: 0928939481 – 0925159691

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Address: Tripoli – Al Nofilin – Al Sheikh Street – near Bab Tajoura Bridge

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