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Computer application course in preparing administrative and technical reports

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Computer application course in preparing administrative and technical reports

Under the supervision of a trained trainer with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

It includes practical training on how to create and produce reports using the computer and on 5 applications, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Viso, and Microsoft Publisher.

Familiarizing participants with the methods of writing technical reports and training the participants on using computers in writing technical reports, and developing technical capabilities in writing reports using the computer.

Based on the graduation of many students from the Academy in previous batches and obtaining a job opportunity after graduating from the course, the training course qualifies graduates directly on how to prepare reports in a professional manner, increase their skills and experience, and obtain a certificate that strengthens their CV and provides them with job opportunities.


Main axes of the training course:

The theoretical part:
The importance of reports for the exercise of administrative and technical functions.
Types and components of the technical and administrative report and the quality standards of its preparation and output.
Mistakes made by the reporter.

Practical part:
Using Microsoft Excel software: –

Preparing charts and tables using the “Excel 2013” tables program.
Preparing the necessary statistical and financial equations for financial and technical reports.
Preparing charts and tables and attaching them to the e-mail “Outlook 2013”

Microsoft Access software: –

Preparing reports from the database “Access 2013”.
Preparing queries from the database “Access 2013”.
Import and export data to Access Database 2013.
Preparing reports and inquiries and attaching them to e-mail “Outlook 2013”

Microsoft Project software: –

Preparing project plans reports.
Preparing the projects budget.
Preparing and implementing follow-up plans for project implementation and implementation indicators.
Preparing follow-up reports and attaching them to the e-mail “Outlook 2013”.

Microsoft Publisher 2013 Software: –

Technical production of reports and their publication in the publishing program.
Output for brochures, flyers, invoices, and forms.

Microsoft Viso 2013 software:

Preparing sequence diagrams for the operations according to the ISO 2015 specification.

With a computer lab equipped with the required equipment and display devices.


Certificates are granted to all trainees certified by Next Academy for Training at the end of the training course and upon the student’s success in the final exam.

Registration is open from the date you see this advertisement until you take a sufficient number.

Those wishing to register must come to the company’s headquarters and confirm their reservation, to pay the course fees in full and before we take the sufficient number (places are limited).

Or, you can initially register by sending a text message to our numbers, or sending it by Viber or WhatsApp, and the message contains: Name, phone number, and the name of the course you wish to register for, on the numbers at the bottom of the advertisement.


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