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Modern human resource management

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Modern human resource management

Under the supervision of a trained teacher with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

This course includes extensive training on how to manage human resources in an effective manner to ensure proper workflow and increase the productivity of workers.

Payment methods available to us: cash, payment service, certified check, bank transfer.


The privileges that we grant you when you register for the Next Academy training courses.

As an encouragement to our valued students, Next Academy gives you a 10% reduction for the less expensive course if the student participates in more than one training course.

Next Academy gives the opportunity to receive a free training course for the first rank in the group, provided that it succeeds with an excellent grade of 85% or more, and only once.

Next Academy also gives you another sibling discount of 10% for each person in the event of sibling registration.

In the event that the student enrolls in four training courses, the company’s management grants the student a free training course out of the 100 courses available to the company.


The number allocated for registration for each group is from 6 to 10 male / female students only, so that the benefit is comprehensive for all students enrolled in the training course.

We also inform you that Next Academy is a Libyan limited company, approved by the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation, practicing No. (343) for the year 2019 AD.



The main axes of the training course:

  1. Modern approaches to administrative organization:
  2. The departments to be added to keep up with the times and its requirements, the units to be added (statistics and information, information and communication security, the relationship with the customer, electronic purchase.).
  3. Jobs added to keep pace with the times and its requirements (data analyst, data entry, programmer, information security specialist, site reviewer.
  4. Virtual management and the disappearance of some administrative titles such as administrative leadership and human relations, to be replaced by electronic relations.
  5. Description and job description appropriate to the modern needs of management (computer skills).
  6. Job evaluation.
  7. Manpower Planning.
  8. Analyzing the work force electronically and the rates of work turnover (using the computer to extract work indicators).
  9. Predicting the business needs of jobs using the computer.
  10. Selection and appointment of employees electronically. Employment sites. Sending job applications electronically. Online interview, online recruitment, online interview, online questionnaire.
  11. Electronic work tests and their forms, electronic personality analysis.
  12. Electronically analyzing jobs.
  13. Computer methods of performance evaluation.
  14. Data quality for evaluation purposes.
  15. Methods of collecting and classifying data electronically, analyzing and presenting them.
  16. Preparing reports electronically.
  17. Employment information software (databases) and inquiries.
  18. Email and its importance for the administration and individuals. And administrative communications.
  19. Interactive training and remote training using computers.
  20. Corporate sites as a virtual window for companies and communication between them and the ocean.
  21. Electronic document management and archiving.
  22. Job information and confidentiality.
  23. With a suitable study room.

Granting certificates to all trainees accredited by Next Academy for Training at the end of the training course and upon the student’s success in the final exam.

Registration is open from the date you see this advertisement until you take a sufficient number.

Those wishing to register must come to the company’s headquarters and confirm their reservation, to pay the course fees in full and before we take the sufficient number (places are limited).

Or, you can initially register by sending a text message to our numbers, or sending it by Viber or WhatsApp, and the message contains: Name, phone number, and the name of the course you wish to register for, on the numbers at the bottom of the advertisement.

Note that the priority of registration and reserving a seat in the training course is for religious students who attend and confirm their reservation by paying the course fees in full. We also inform you that the initial registration is not considered in the event of no attendance and payment of the course fees.

(Initial registration does not mean that you have a seat in the training course).


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