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Pizza preparation course

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Pizza preparation course
Course methodology:

The methodology of the training course is based on 20% of theoretical training and 80% of practical training, # bearing in mind that we have a training laboratory equipped with all the needs for training


Targeted to participate in the training course:

The course targets the general public and everyone who wants to participate and benefit from the training course, and obtain a profession that enables him to work in it and increase his monthly income, and the target ages for registration for the course from 12 years and above


Take the opportunity and participate in our distinguished course with a chef specializing in the field of pizza and pastry, with high experience and competence, and you can benefit from the course to start your new project


Main axes of the training course:

1- Learn about all the equipment used in preparing pizza and pastries, and the mechanism for working with them.

2- Knowing how to prepare the dough for all types of bread and baking used in cafes, for large and small amounts.

3- Knowing how to prepare the dough used in all types of pizza, for large and small amounts.

4- Know how to prepare pizza sauce, for large and small ingredients.

5- pizza margarita (cheese)

6- Vegetable pizza.

7- Tuna pizza.

8- Mushroom pizza (bubblegum).

9- Mixed pizza.

10- Marinated chicken cubes pizza.

11- Four Caesar pizza.

12- Pizza For You.

13- Gene edges pizza.

14- Pizza frotta del mare (seafood).

15- Pizza with grilled meat.

16- Smoked chicken pizza.

17 – Spicy vegetable pizza (hot wave).

18- Smokey pizza.

19- Neapolitan pizza tana (the four cheeses).

20- Pizza appetizer.

21- Small round pizza (2 types)

22- Knowing how to season chicken and meat used in pizza, in large and small amounts.

23- Important advice to all trainees on how to launch a new project in this field with the help of the course supervising chef.

24- Important advice to all trainees on how to use economically appropriate ingredients to prepare pizza for the production of large numbers and varieties, to obtain more profits and to satisfy the needs of the customer.

25- Final theoretical and practical examination and evaluation of the training course

We also provide all the equipment and materials used in training. We also have a laboratory equipped with the best equipment and tools used in training

Certificates are granted to all trainees certified by Next Academy for Training at the end of the training course and upon the student’s success in the final exam.


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